Monday, September 29, 2008

Scarce Scissor-tail flycatcher

A real drive by shooting near Dora on Highway "181". Taken through the passengers side window from the drivers seat on 9/26. I saw about 4-5 similar birds on that same day. Canon 40D with Canon 400mm f 5.6. Click to enlarge.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leaves starting to turn -- Autumn 2008

It is only the 20th of September, in one of the wettest years and early falls on record,  and I took a few pictures yesterday of hard maples and winged sumac leaves that have already started to turn red and orange.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thunderstorm in progress at ROLF -- 8/7/08

A series of non-severe thunderstorms popped up on the afternoon of 8/7/08. I went up the hill and got a picture of some cloud to ground lightening into a fog bank over the lower North Fork valley.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Worthwhile day trip from ROLF to Hawksbill Crag

Boston Mountains in NW Arkansas

In September 2006, my lovely wife, Pauline (kneeling on the crag), and I went to Hawksbill Crag in northwest Arkansas. It is a solid 2 1/2 hours drive but worth every minute. The trip does entail a 6 mile round-trip hike to the rock from the trailhead; but it was a nice day with the temperature in mid-70's. The crag is a rock that jets out over the junction of the Buffalo River and Whitaker Creek about 800 feet below.

To get there take State Highway 43 south out of Harrison, Ar, to Ponca and then right (west) on Arkansas 74 through Boxley to Cave Mountain Road (on the right). The trailhead is about 8 miles up Cave Mountain Road; parking on the right side and entrance to the trail on the left. The entire hike is on a well marked trail and it is mostly ocverd nicely by large trees; so there is lots of shade.

Do not forget to watch for elk in the Boxley valley.

Also, picture of Whitaker Creek valley from late October and a baby black bear.

This bear country. Remain alert - you don't want to surprise one. Be sure to sign in at the Post on the trailhead for this trek. A take a bottle of water and a camera with you; of course, leave no trash.

During periods of heavy rain, this is also great waterfall country. Also, see Lost Valley; a 3 mile hike round-trip.

It might be a long day trip; but it would be a long 2-day trip from St. Louis or Kansas City; so, if the weather is not right for fishing or floating, give this a try.

August 2008 - close up of the falls

Here is a close-up of the falls on August 8, 2008. The river was a 385 CFS at the time. There were 2 fairly large Brown trout feeding in the froth at the time also.  Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lightning Bugs and Mayflies

Photo of lightning bugs at 11:00 PM from the  the porch a the Getaway (notice the outline of the river bank) and of Mayflies the next morning on the car windshield. 

Longear Sunfish on Spawning Bed

This photo is near the bank downstream from ROLF. Also, not the Smallmouth bass swimming away; also, several very large creek chubs.