Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild rainbow fishing is very good this late May 2008

What a great trip. Lots of large fish. All caught wading in tough fast water.

5/18 water too high 2200 CFS and very turquoise in color.

5/19 river looking nicer but needs another day; went up to Topaz and floated to Hale with a friend. Smallmouth spawning beds are everywhere; did not fish.

5/20 1500 CFS and clearing nicely. Caught 4 fish, all rainbows, 17" (WOW; maybe the strongest fish I ever hooked; took all the backing), 14", 12", and 12".

5/21 1380 CFS. Caught 5 fish, Brown 14", Rainbows, 15", 14", 10", 10".

5/22 1220 CFS. Caught 3 fish, Rainbow (19" - largest wild rainbow I ever caught; I think this fish pushed about 3-4 pounds), 14", 10". 19" fish on golden stone #10.

5/23 1200 CFS, Fished an hour caught 1 fish; rainbow 13" on golden stone.

Fished with a long rod, 5 DT silk line, 9' 5X, plus long tippet. Most fish were caught drifting a #14 Prince bead headed Nymph with plenty of split shot; no indicator (I forgot them).

Unforgettable trip. A few pictures; some from under the falls.

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