Saturday, July 25, 2009

Juvenile Bald Eagle ??

I took this on May 22 from the Cedar Chest overlooking the North Fork of the White. Pretty sure by shape of bill that it is a juvenile bald eagle. They are nesting on a bluff downstream; this is a crop out of a larger picture.


Pilgrim said...

Very cool! I took this picture of a baldy with my crummy Pentax point-n-shoot, from Inspiration Point back in April. It was a thrill to watch him patrolling the river that morning.

missouri man said...

Very cool Pilgrim. If I can get permission from you I would love to Post this picture. Thanks, Steve

Pilgrim said...

I see the updated photo - even better than the first!

Please do feel free to post my photo. I assume you'll download it from Picasa? If not, I can e-mail it to you. I regret that the photo is of so poor a resolution - that majestic bird deserves better! The camera was a Pentax Optio W30, zoomed in to 3X or something silly like that.