Friday, March 12, 2010

A few more old Wood and Canvas canoe I restored

Here is a list of the canoes I restored in the years 1991-2001;

I found some pics of a few; it was an old hobby. Steve Thompson Bros 16' - 1938, made in Wisconsin; Red (sold by Alpine Shop; 1992, $1900) Old Town Otca 16' - 1962 very high grade with long decks and all mahogany trim; Old Town, Me.; White (sold by Alpine Shop 1994, $2000) Chestnut Canoe 15' Bob's Special - 1964 all white cedar; only a partial picture of honey colored interior; Red (sold by Alpine Shop 1994, $1800) Morris Canoe 17' - 1901 twin of one hanging in front; Green (sold by me 1991, $3500) Not pictured; 1894 Gerish 15', Light Blue with birchbark lashed ends (sold by me 1994 $5200) Morris Canoe 17'; 1897 hanging over cash wrap area (est. value $4000 - $5000) 1921 Old Town 16' Charles River Green (sold by Alpine Shop 1993, $1800) 1922 Old Town Guide CS 17' Grade Red (sold by Alpine Shop 1994; $1500) 1930 Old Town Henry Wicker Green 16' Green (sold by Alpine Shop 1995; $1200) 1944 Old Town Guide 17' Green High Grade (sold Alpine Shop; 1995, $1200) 1936 Carlton 18' Guide Canoe Light Green (sold Alpine Shop; 1994; $1500) 1920 Kennebec 18' Guide Canoe Light Blue (sold Alpine Shop; 1993, $1300) 1932 St. Louis Canoe 17' Polling Canoe Red (sold Alpine Shop 199x, $2700) 1936 St. Louis Canoe Arrowhead model 17' Red (sold Alpine Shop 199x, $2650) 1907 Pen Yan 16' Canoe White (sold Alpine Shop (sold Alpine Shop 1994; $1200)

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MTNHIGH said...

Hello Missouri Man. I just stumbled across ROLF and found what I'm guessing is a picture you posted of the restored Old Town Canoe I have hanging in my living room. If this is correct, I have also found the man responsible for restoring it!! It is so beautiful, and it is admired and appreciated by everyone who sees it! I have enjoyed owning this canoe since 1995 when I purchased it from the Alpine Shop in Webster Groves. So I believe I have the 1930 Old Town Henry Wicker you restored!!! I don't recall asking about the model name when I bought it, or maybe I just forgot, so this is good to know. I also don't recall receiving any kind of restoration documentation when I bought the canoe. Did you offer it at the time? Do you think it would be possible for me to get it now? Thank you so much!