Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diamond Back Water Snake

Common to the North Fork, this heavy bodied water snake is often confused the the highly venomous Cotton Mouth Water Moccasin. They are frequently killed on sight; which should not be done. These snakes have a bad temper and will run if pursued and bite and writh around if cornered. I see many of these snake about 18 inche long and their diamond pattern is very clear.  Observe this snake and move on; please.

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fcwebmasters22 said...

Water snakes are amazing reptiles as compared to other species. I always wanted to know nature better so I can relates me with all the creatures. Therefore I spend my most of the times in watching national geographic channel. I got to know that not all water snakes are poisonous but only 5-10% snakes are poisonous, it’s not fair for snakes to be killed just because of this misconception.

Water Snake