Monday, June 30, 2008

Fishing Report - 6/22 - 6/27

6/24 - Caught a 15" Brown just at total dark, size 10 Kauffman Stone Fly with a Prince drop; he took the Stone Fly; also surprised caught a big goggle eye on the next cast; I mean big (about 9-10") and just as black as they come.

6/25 - Caught 2 smaller rainbows at Kelly Ford at 6:00 AM on dries. Size 16-18 Blue Winged Olives in the fastest part of the chute. One was par marked. Didn't measure but I'd say 8" and maybe 9-10".

6/26 - Caught a 15-16" rainbow at Jacks Riffle at 5:50 AM. Lost one too.

One of the guests that left the day I arrived caught 8 Rainbows on dry flies; mostly on a version of Elk Hair Caddis (real light hair; almost white) size 16 around the mid stream rocks and sand washes, very early in the morning.

I am was humbled by this stream; although I only fished about 4 times in the week for two hours each.

(sorry for the bad pics but the light was poor and I was worried about reviving the rainbow)

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