Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Leonard Fly Rod circa 1880-1881

This 10 1/2' trout rod is a beautiful rod from my collection of vintage rods. Made by the H. L. Leonard Fly Rod Company; Central Valley, NY in about 1880. This is the exact same type of rod rod and model that Theodore Gordon used in the Catskills from 1880 -1900. I acquired this rod about 2 years ago and even though it is not the oldest Leonard I have (I have 2 Bangor Leonard's also made 1873, and 1877) it is a complete rod with a butt, 2 mids, and 3 full length tips. original bag and tip tube. These rods were made for use with horse hair lines, possibly very early silk lines.  Notice the ferrules are spiked. Marked "Sole Agents - Wm. Mills and Son, N Y" which means it was not made in Bangor Maine. Complete and in original condition. The Leonard Rod Company was one of the best known bamboo rod makers until about 1970. Click to enlarge pictures. The Patten Collection.

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