Monday, March 16, 2009

Birding at ROLF; go where the birds are !!!

Birding or bird watching from a treehouse

I have spent 25 years struggling to see warblers, vireos, gnatcatchers, tanagers, and all birds that tend to stay in the tree canopy. Finally, after my first visit to River of Life Farm's Mountain Log Lookout, I realized that if you want to really see these birds you need to go where they are; into the tree canopy.

On my first stay in the Log Lookout, in mid May 2004, I saw more warblers, vireos, gnatcatchers and flycatchers, than I had seen in my whole life from the ground.

Every bird lover needs to try one of the tree-houses at ROLF for a few days; you will not be disappointed. In addition, their are plenty of back-roads and river trails to walk with your camera or binoculars.

When you decide to watch from your front deck; there are a few simple rules to follow for success;

1. If it is warm enough walk in your stocking feet.

2. Do not wear light colored clothing. Green, black, or brown seem to work well.

3. Wear a hat if you have long of grey or white colored hair; blowing hair really spooks the canopy birds.

4. Especially watch for feeding a tree seed heads early in the year; they exude a sap which attracts insects, which attracts the birds.

5. Move slowly and deliberately.

If you are staying in one of the tree-houses near the river, watch for waterbirds and raptors.

Have a great Bird Watching trip !!!

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