Monday, March 16, 2009

Taken from Log Mountain Lookout in 2004

Birding or Bird watching from a treehouse

This American redstart (a warbler) spent a lot of time around the Mountain Log Lookout early in May 2004 (that was a late spring). This was my first visit this cabin. The cabin is built with a level entry front and a steep drop in back (on a hillside). The back part of the cabin is at least 20' or more in places up into the tree canopy.

This male redstart made at least 50 visits in 3 days to see me. Every time I came out of the door, he had to see what I was doing. On the 3rd days I saw his mate on several occasions too. I made a "psshing" sound and they came. I did not get a good picture of the female.
This was an easy shot (about 15') with a 4MP SLR camera (actually got about 50 of him); and is still one of my best shots and would NOT be possible from the ground. This shows what a good vantage point and a fair camera can accomplish !!

Also posted is a Pine Warbler. This picture was taken last year from the Treetop Hideaway; where there are lots of pines, oaks, and hickories mixed (not a great picture).

See write up below about tree houses in the canopy.

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